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Thai Craft

The Thai Craft Association is a non- profit organization whose objectives are to provide sustainable income for village and urban artisans , preserving the diverse craft traditions of Thailand whilst promoting and practising the principles of Fair Trade. Since Thai Craft was established in 1992, more than 80 producer groups have been assisted in the production and marketing of their craft. Many diverse groups from the Hilltribe Minorities in the north, to rice paddy workers living in isolated areas, to fishing communities in the deep south, have been assisted by ThaiCraft.

The mission of Thai Craft Fair Trade is to provide sustainable market access and development for Thai Artisans, increase producer skills in production and business , create self reliance for village artisan groups and prevent the need for charity by offering a commercial opportunity.

Thai Craft is a member of the world Fair Trade Organization.

Products provided by the artisans of ThaiCraft include both traditional and contemporary items, a range of home decor and furnishings, accessories, gift toys, bags and personal care products.

ThaiCraft strives towards improving the lives of individuals and communities through the principles of Fair Trade. This includes ensuring a fair price is paid to artisans for their products, ongoing support and training along with concern for the sustainability of the environment.