Siham Craftlink Pty Ltd was founded in June, 2000.

Pam the Director, was previously a volunteer for World Vision Australia. In her capacity as President of the Brisbane World Vision Club, one of her very pleasant joys was selling the glorious range of handicrafts.The array of handicrafts were initially sourced from the Hilltribes in Thailand. Over the years the rich cultural diversity of craft grew as did Pam’s love of the handcrafts. The artisans touched Pam’s heart as they continue to do to this very day. In the 80’s and 90’s, the craft wasn’t “labelled” as Fair Trade but the purpose was, and remains today, to assist some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in our world through the sale of the craft.

After retiring from part time nursing in 2008, the move to a new warehouse (after a fire gutted the previous one) meant that one hundred percent dedication could be given to Siham Craftlink. The range of glorious handcrafts has grown and people who visit our warehouse/showroom at Acacia Ridge, Brisbane are always overwhelmed with the eclectic and superb quality collection.

We work closely with the Fair Trade producer groups. Many of these wonderful people we are privileged to call family. When the opportunity arises we visit. We sit together, we laugh together, we hold hands together, we walk the streets together singing. Our lives are blended and so much richer
for it. Of course we design together also, always new Fair Trade creations to offer to the Australian community. We have also been heavily involved in fundraising for the school that Artisans Effort, Kolkata opened in January, 2014.

Siham Craftlink is proudly a family business. An energetic,happy team with Pam’s three children and Matthew’s partner involved in designing, working through every unpredictable day and giving a very high standard of customer service to our very loyal and supportive Australian customers.


Meet the team


Pam /

Founder & Director

Matt /

Warehouse Manager

Michelle /


Kirsten /

Customer Service

Michael /

Finance Manager