Siham Craftlink


We give thanks to our Fair Trade producer partners for their eclectic collection of exquisite items  handcrafted with love, much patience and perfection for Australia to embrace and appreciate.

As distant as the countries are apart from where Siham Craftlink sources our collection, so are the cultures, the techniques and raw materials used.

Every item in Siham Craftlink’s Fair Trade collection is a tribute to the artisan who designed and created the item. We have had the pleasure of visiting many of our Fair Trade producer  artisans and absolutely love the close and warm working relationship.

We at Siham Craftlink, believe that we work with some of the most talented and inspirational designers and artisans in our world. We are continually working with the designers and artisans, creating new and exciting designs. Every item is handmade by the creative and gentle hands of an artisan proud to be working with a Fair Trade organization. We at Siham Craftlink are in turn extremely proud to offer the Fair Trade collection to Australia.

Please visit the links to the right to view an overview of the organisations in each country including the products they provide and the initiatives they have undertaken on behalf of their members.  The ‘Meet the Artisans’ page in the ‘About Us’ link above provides a photographic gallery and a number of personal stories that relate to the artisans within these groups, sharing a little of their lives, experiences and dreams for the future.