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Siham Craftlink imports the largest diverse range of fair trade gifts available for wholesale purchase in Australia. We specialize in supplying multicultural early childhood handcrafted resources. However the collection of over 1700 fair trade sourced items also includes vibrant home decor, quirky recycled gifts, handcrafted heirloom Christmas adornments and nativitiies, handmade paper and gift cards, richly hand embroidered fashion accessories and a corporate gift giving range to impress . You are guaranteed to find many outstanding ethically purchased treasures to add beauty and character to your retail outlet.

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Looking for a guest speaker ?

Pam will be delighted to attend and share the personal stories of the artisans who create the exquisite craft. This opportunity is available for both home presentations, community groups and church groups. A selection of fair trade gift ideas will be available for purchase.



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Sneek peek at Christmas 2015 range

Just a few sneek peeks at Christmas 2015 range.

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Do you have a retail outlet and looking for ethical and fair trade items to stock your shelves? Siham Craftlink has the largest diverse range available of fair trade gift lines in Australia. Every item is accompanied with a story. Your customers will be truly impressed.

Fair Trade Assurance

We are finding that more and more customers have a conscience with their purchasing power. The customers want to know where the products come from and under what conditions they are made. Fair trade gives you the confidence (and assurance ) to relate positive personal stories about the lives of the artisans and their beautiful hand made fair trade craft.
By stocking fair trade products in your shop, it will indicate to your customers that you have compassion for other people. Your customers will appreciate your caringĀ and your sensitivity about our Earth and Sustainability.
The fair trade gift range is extensive and exclusive. Every item is unique. Your customers will be truly impressed!

Our vision is to empower disadvantaged crafts people in the Developing World through fair trade

We are proud of the exciting array of diverse, vibrant craft items that are available to the Australian market. Siham Craftlink feels privileged that by importing and securing markets for many poor producers in the Developing World, we are able to help transform the producers lives. The producers now have an income, dignity and hope for the future.There is also the assurance that the producers are paid fair wages, there is safe working conditions and no child labor is involved.

Siham Craftlink is a member of Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand

What is Fair trade

Purchasing Fair Trade Craft gives us the opportunity to buy ethically produced handmade items without the exploitation of the producers. It is giving economic justice to producers in the Developing World . Simply it gives producers a fair deal.
From modest beginnings in the 1950's, fair trade has now expanded into a world wide movement. It is helping disadvantaged and marginalised people work their way out of poverty.

  • Fair Trade ensures that the producers receive a fair wage.
  • Fair Trade supports the disadvantaged and the most vulnerable producers in the Developing World.
  • Fair Trade cares for the individual and the environment.
  • Fair Trade ensures there is no abuse of child labour.
  • Fair Trade strengthens producers capacity to market their products with International Market Access.
  • Fair Trade is transparent with producers and customers.

An artisan working at Artisans Effort India.

Siham Craftlink purchases craft sourced only from Fair Trade Organizations



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