Puppet Theatre Underwater

Puppet Theatre Underwater
Brand: Surjomukhi, Bangladesh
Product Code: B-SU-EC06
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A magnificent doorway length appliqué puppet theatre which is so spectacular that it can also be displayed as a wall feature.

There is a cord at the top for hanging.

If chosen to be used as a puppet theatre, there is a little “open stage” that can be tied back.

Benefits provided by Surjomukhi to the producers are:

* Allowance for medical treatment

* Advance payment access for the producers

* Interest free loan access

* 100% bonus wages for artisans ( total wages for year divided by 12 months) .

* Extra motivational prize for the best performer of every month.

* Wages are paid the last working day of each month.

* Maternity allowances for artisans who have worked at Surjomukhi for at least two years.

* Safe working environment with sufficient lighting, ventilation, sanitation and drinking water.

* Celebration annual cultural party for staff, artisans and their families on the occasion of Surjomukhi's Birthday (18th June)

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