Massai Village Play Set

Massai Village Play Set
Brand: Artisans Effort, India
Product Code: IN-AE-EC114
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A wonderful educational resource play set for children to learn about another culture, the Massai people. The set consists of the mother and father and their two children, dressed in traditional clothing. There is also the three thatched huts, a camp fire and two cows and two roosters with the pen to keep the animals safe at night from the wild animals. Children will enjoy moving the textile figures around and organizing their own imaginative play theme.
The height of the huts is approx. 29cms. When not in use , the setting can be neatly packed away in the carry bag with Massai Family embroidered on it.

Not suitable for Children under Three Years of Age.

This wonderful unique item has been lovingly made by the extremely talented artisans at Artisans Effort in Kolkata, West Bengal , India. Many of the artisans were previously exploited and badly treated in their original workplace. Through your purchase you are helping the artisans regain their dignity and receive a fair wage. For all these artisans and their families it is their lifeline and escape from poverty. As Artisans Effort is a producer based Organization all the Artisans needs and difficulties are closed understood . Not only does this purchase help to enrich the lives of many producers but it also helps to fund a school established in January 2014 by the founders of Artisans Effort, Ejaz and Shaista. The school is based in Asanol (West Bengal). As well as admitting paying students, Artisans Effort also covers the cost for some needy students.

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