Ocarina Blue Bird(Out Of Stock)

Ocarina Blue Bird(Out Of Stock)
Brand: Ciap, Peru
Product Code: PE-C-MI32
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A hand painted ceramic ocarina in the design of a sweet bird.
The ocarina is a very old family of instruments , believed to date back to over 12,000 years.
How an ocarina works.
1. Air enters through the windway.
2. Air strikes the labium , producing sound.
3.Air vibrates throughout the inside of the ocarina.
4. Covering and uncovering holes lowers and raises the pitch.
The bird ocarina is approx. 7cms long and 6cms tall.
Purchased from C.I.A.P. ( La Central Interregional de Artesanos del Peru ) , a non- profit organization which helps improve the social and economic situation of producers from many different regions of Peru. C.I.A.P. saw the need to provide a way for the producers to receive fair wages and safe working conditions without exploitation. 
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