Platypus Dreamtime Prop

 Platypus Dreamtime Prop
Brand: Artisans Effort, India
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In collaboration between Sherren Gross, indigenous artist and Artisans Effort, Kolkata the Platypus has been created.

“The Dreamtime or Dreaming is “The Creation”. Dreamtime Stories taught us many things about all life, plants and animals that are important to each other and how to look after it all. Respect and Care for the land and it will Care for you. This is an old but often heard saying by my Mum and my Elders on Stradbroke Island” Sherren Gross

Length of Platypus approx. 28cms

Sherren’s designs are embroidered onto cotton material.

Copyright Sherren Gross 2018. Royalties paid to Indigenous Artist. Sherren has given permission for the artisans at Artisans Effort, Kolkata to create her designs.


This wonderful unique item has been lovingly made by the extremely talented artisans at Artisans Effort in Kolkata, West Bengal , India. Many of the artisans were previously exploited and badly treated in their original workplace. Through your purchase you are helping the artisans regain their dignity and receive a fair wage. For all these artisans and their families it is their lifeline and escape from poverty. As Artisans Effort is a producer based Organization all the Artisans needs and difficulties are closed understood . Not only does this purchase help to enrich the lives of many producers but it also helps to fund a school established in January 2014 by the founders of Artisans Effort, Ejaz and Shaista. The school is based in Asansol (West Bengal). As well as admitting paying students, Artisans Effort also covers the cost for some needy students.


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