Pajama Panjabi Boys Costume

Pajama Panjabi Boys Costume
Brand: Surjomukhi, Bangladesh
Product Code: B-SU-CDC15
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The Panjabi and Pajama is the national dress for the men of Bangladesh and is also very popular in other parts of the sub-continent. The outfit consists of loose fitting trousers , a long shirt with full sleeve and an ornately embroided cap.  This is a very special costume ,  so children   can feel and “live”  the culture of another country. 
Made by an artisan at SURJOMUKHI, a fair trade organization in Bangladesh. The organization presently employs 25 artisans.Benefits provided by Surjomukhi to the producers are medical treatment allowances, access for advance payment, interest free loan access , bonus payments to producers and maternity payments for producers who have worked at Surjomukhi for at least two years.
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