Salwar Kameez costume

Salwar Kameez costume
Brand: Surjomukhi, Bangladesh
Product Code: B-SU-CDC13
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Salwar Kameez dress up costume is beautifully hand made with the embellishment of silver thread embroidery and block printing on cotton material. This outfit has three pieces, the ornate top, the pants and the scarf. Available in two sizes, large and small. Fits approximately a child 3 to 5 years. Every girl would feel so special wearing this outfit as well as being an excellent multicultural costume for teaching in early childhood education. Benefits provided by Surjomukhi to the producers are:
Allowance for medical treatment
Advance payment access for the producers
Interest free loan access
100% bonus wages for artisans ( total wages for year divided by 12 months) .
Extra motivational prize for the best performer of every month.
Wages are paid the last working day of each month.
Maternity allowances for artisans who have worked at Surjomukhi for at least two years.
Safe working environment with sufficient lighting, ventilation, sanitation and drinking water.
Celebration annual cultural party for staff, artisans and their families on the occasion of Surjomukhi's Birthday (18th June )
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