Doll Carry Basket

Doll Carry Basket
Brand: Shohojogita, Bangladesh
Product Code: B-SH-EC08
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A wonderfully strong and deep jute basket to collect all those home grown delights from your back garden. So many people now have their own chooks- the strong handles will ensure that the eggs reach the kitchen safely! A little secret- this carry basket is also a delightful eco-friendly dolls carry basket. In fact it can be used to carry or store a multitude of things.!!Jute a natural fibre, obtained from the bark of the jute plant has remarkable strength and durability. It is fully biodegradable. A hectare of jute plants consumes about 15 tonnes of carbon dioxide and releases 11 tonnes of oxygen.
As each basket is handmade in a village in Bangladesh, each basket is unique.
The story of the producer group accompanies each basket.
Size of basket
Width approx. 35 cms
Approximate height ( without handles) 11cms.
Height with handles approx. 25 cms.
Purchased from the fair trade organization SHOHOJOGITA , a Bangladesh word which means “helping each other”. The principal vision is to help the rural poor, widowed, divorced and helpless women by creating employment for them. 
SHOHOJOGITA is a non-profitable and non-government social development organization .
SHOHOJOGITA dreams to establish a free society from exploitation, oppression and injustice as well as a society, where each individual will be able to live in peace and harmony.
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