Deco Wreath Bells and Stars Terracotta Whitewash (OOS)

Deco Wreath Bells and Stars Terracotta Whitewash (OOS)
Brand: Corr The Jute Works, Bangladesh
Product Code: B-CO-C32
Availability: Out Of Stock
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A delightful larger style terracotta whitewash adornment of wreath
with bells and stars.
Has a golden coloured thread for display hanging purposes.
Diameter approx. 7.5cms
Handmade by a producer in Bangladesh. Corr the Jute Works is steadfastly working to empower the down-trodden rural women artisans all across Bangladesh by providing them with earning opportunity through Trade Justice, thus to live a life in dignity. CJW is committed to promote the concept and vision of Fair Trade. CORR stands for Christian organization for Relief and Rehabilitation
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